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How to Verify a Professional's License in Akron?

There are over 200 bureaus and commissions that issue licenses to qualified professionals that provide services to the residents of Akron. Making sure that only a licensed individual takes up commissioning for work is an important responsibility for Akronites, as this helps guarantee that the work will be completed at the desired quality. A key part of that ensuring only the right professionals are hired for work is verifying their licenses. You can carry out the verification of the professional licenses of potential hirees using the eLicense Ohio Professional Licensure System.

After verifying the licenses of hired professionals, it is important to ensure that the required permit is obtained before starting all types of building remodeling or construction projects. Residents of Akron can process their building permit applications with the Summit County Department of Building Standards. Permits are required for all new building constructions, as well as projects like window replacements, plumbing installations, and mechanical installations, such as furnaces, ducts, and boilers. You can contact the Summit County Building Department via phone at (330) 630-7280 to direct questions or get further clarification on the permit process.

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Do Akron Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

There are twenty-one neighborhoods in Akron, and these neighborhoods have their boundaries defined by Akron's Department of Planning and Urban Development. The neighborhood councils, alliances, and organizations of Akron do not issue permits, but rather, they support investment in their communities, promote community development and growth of the communities in various ways. You can find the active neighborhood organizations in your locality on Akron's Neighborhood Development Organization's official webpage.

It was reported in October 2020 that as part of an annual city initiative, the Cascade Valley neighborhood was selected to have its public seats, basketball courts, and picnic tables renovated. Similarly, it was also announced in May 2021 that the Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance was seeking proposals to design and install boulevard enhancements in the neighborhood.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Akron?

Akronites can file complaints against a business or an individual over an unfair business experience with the Consumer Protection Section of the Office of the Ohio Attorney General. Complainants can file these complaints by calling the Cleveland Regional Office of the Consumer Protection Section at (216) 787-3030. Alternatively, complainants can also file online, or choose to download and fill out a consumer complaint form, and then mail this form to:

  • Consumer Protection Section
  • Office of the Ohio Attorney General
  • 11th Floor
  • 615 West Superior Avenue
  • Cleveland, OH 44113

The Consumer Protection Section assists consumers and businesses to resolve disputes and consumer complaints, such as failure to perform a service and shoddy workmanship. This office responds to complaints by assigning a specialist to the complaint who will try and resolve it through an informal procedure between the complainant and the business in question. Depending on the nature of some complaints, the assigned specialist may refer the complaint to another agency more suitable to handle the dispute. Where a resolution could not be reached between the parties, the complainant can decide to use the courts to address their complaints. Small claims court is an option for complainants to use as a simple and cost-effective method of settling disputes. These types of courts typically handle civil cases where the amount in question does not exceed $6,000. You can file a small claims case against a business or professional in the city at the Akron Municipal Court located at:

  • Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center
  • 217 South High Street
  • Akron, OH 44308
  • Phone: (330) 375-2120