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How to Verify a Professional's License in Toledo?

Hiring a licensed professional is an important way to ensure that you have a good project outcome. Professionals in Toledo may be licensed by the state or the city depending on the specific occupation of the professional in question. At the state level, there are over 30 boards, such as the Ohio Architects and Ohio Landscape Architects Board, that license professionals in Toledo. You can verify the license of a Toledo professional licensed by the State of Ohio through the License Lookup page maintained by the Ohio Professional Licensure System. You may also call (855) 405-5514 for assistance or inquiries. For certain professionals such as building contractors, Toledo requires that such professionals be licensed by the city's Building Inspection Division in addition to holding a valid state license. You can call (419) 245-1220 to verify the locally-issued licenses of Toledo professionals and find out more about city licensing.

Hiring an unlicensed professional reduces the protection that is available to you if the work done is not to your satisfaction. Note that if the project you intend to carry out is a building-related project, a permit may also be required. You can find out building permit requirements and how to obtain permits through Toledo's Online Permit Portal or by calling (419) 245-1220.

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Do Toledo Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Toledo is made up of six districts and every neighborhood within the city belongs to at least one of them. Each district elects one representative into the Toledo City Council, with six other members of the council elected at large. The city council is responsible for enacting ordinances and regulations, determining how the city budget is to be spent, and other municipal activities. You can find out more about the district you belong to or get information on your district representative by accessing the city's district map. While the functions of the city council include determining zoning and land use, these functions do not extend to the issuance of building-related permits. In its bid to ensure that the integrity of neighborhoods within the city are protected and the quality of life of citizens are respected, citizens are mandated to register vacant residential properties within 30 days of the property becoming vacant. Failure to comply will result in a misdemeanor charge. In addition to this, the city provides assistance to first-time homebuyers whose income falls below the provided threshold. Eligible persons may get up to $7500 or $9500 in target neighborhoods for the purchase of a home. Similarly, as part of its vision for better neighborhoods, the city has also committed to the repaving of over 100 residential roads in 2021 with all awarded contracts expected to be completed by October.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Toledo?

You may file an unfair business complaint against any business or professional with the Office of the Ohio Attorney General. Complaints may be made online or by calling (800) 282-0515. When filing these complaints, make sure to include your contact information, the name and address of the business complained of, and as much related information on the matter as possible.

When it receives a complaint, a specialist from the Office of the Attorney General will contact the business complained of, invite them to respond to the complaint, and will subsequently work with both parties to try to reach a favorable resolution. In some instances, you may be advised to contact a different government organization if it is believed that such an organization is better suited to handling your complaint. While the Attorney General cannot institute legal proceedings on your behalf, in certain circumstances where a pattern of illegal activities are noticed, a further investigation may be carried out and legal proceedings instituted in the public interest. If after the intervention of the Attorney General's Office you do not receive a favorable resolution to your complaint, you may institute legal action at a Toledo Small Claims Court.

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